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Opportunities and Challenges of AUKUS

Opportunities and Challenges of AUKUS-问军
President Biden's approval of the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will facilitate key aspects of the Australia-United Kingdom-United States technology cooperation pa...
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The Day After

The Day After-问军
Research Brief Image adapted from sameer chogale/Getty Images While it might not come soon, eventually there will be an end to the Russia-Ukraine war. What then? Preparing for the ...
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Planning for the Aftermath

Planning for the Aftermath-问军
Research Questions What strategic choices will Washington face in determining its approach toward Moscow after the Russia-Ukraine war ends?What are the trade-offs associated with t...
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A Security Strategy for the Black Sea

A Security Strategy for the Black Sea-问军
An unstable Black Sea region directly threatens the peace and prosperity of the North Atlantic community, a bedrock of U.S. foreign policy since 1945. Russian aggression in the Bla...
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The Future of Multilateral Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention

The Future of Multilateral Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention-问军
The multilateral system, defined as the set of rules, norms, and institutions that together constitute the world's governance architecture, is not static. Rather, this system both ...
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Insights from the Plan Blue 21 Game

Insights from the Plan Blue 21 Game-问军
Research Questions What Russian behaviors in the competition space in the Arctic threaten U.S. security interests?What roles can sensing play in deterring adversary behavior and in...
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Charting a Path to Thoughtful Allied Space Power

Charting a Path to Thoughtful Allied Space Power-问军
Research Brief Recent U.S. strategy documents have stressed clearly and consistently that close cooperation with allies is central to U.S. strategy, especially in space. However, a...
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Allied by Design

Allied by Design-问军
Research Questions Does the United States have a plan to collaborate with allies to address the challenges within the contested, congested, and competitive space domain?Are existin...
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