Biological Weapons and Warfare共4篇

Emerging Technology and Risk Analysis

Emerging Technology and Risk Analysis-问军
Research Questions What is the potential for a bioterrorist to develop a synthetic pandemic, a human-induced event applying engineering principles to biology, that would be capable...
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Attributing Biological Weapons Use

Attributing Biological Weapons Use-问军
Research Questions Why is attribution of BW use important?During a biological incident, including BW use, what evidence might provide valuable information to facilitate attribution...
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Plagues, Cyborgs, and Supersoldiers

Plagues, Cyborgs, and Supersoldiers-问军
Research Questions How have advancements in biotechnology affected warfighting, and how could they do so in the future?Can the human body itself be a warfighting domain? Can the bo...
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The Operational Risks of AI in Large-Scale Biological Attacks

The Operational Risks of AI in Large-Scale Biological Attacks-问军
Research Questions Can AI — and, more specifically, LLMs — be misused by nonstate actors in the context of biological attacks?What are future avenues for research on AI...
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