NATO Enlargement Amidst Russia’s War in Ukraine

NATO Enlargement Amidst Russia's War in Ukraine-问军
This Perspective examines the contributions that Finland and Sweden can make to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) as the newest NATO Allies, having joined in response t...
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The Role of the Space Domain in the Russia-Ukraine War

The Role of the Space Domain in the Russia-Ukraine War-问军
Since the invasion of February 2022, Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine has become an attritional grind, inflicting heavy losses on both sides, and driving a race for tactical a...
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The Day After

The Day After-问军
Research Brief Image adapted from sameer chogale/Getty Images While it might not come soon, eventually there will be an end to the Russia-Ukraine war. What then? Preparing for the ...
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Planning for the Aftermath

Planning for the Aftermath-问军
Research Questions What strategic choices will Washington face in determining its approach toward Moscow after the Russia-Ukraine war ends?What are the trade-offs associated with t...
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A Security Strategy for the Black Sea

A Security Strategy for the Black Sea-问军
An unstable Black Sea region directly threatens the peace and prosperity of the North Atlantic community, a bedrock of U.S. foreign policy since 1945. Russian aggression in the Bla...
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The Cost of the Ukraine War for Russia

The Cost of the Ukraine War for Russia-问军
Research Questions What is the estimated cost to Russia's economy of its invasion of Ukraine?What is the estimated cost of financial capital destruction in the economy incurred by ...
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RAND Review

RAND Review-问军
The cover story explores the postwar reconstruction effort in Ukraine — likely the largest postwar rebuilding effort in modern history — and how previous postwar and po...
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