Naval Logistics in Contested Environments

Naval Logistics in Contested Environments-问军
Research Questions What is the current state of the supply chain for munitions and naval aviation repair parts?Can the defense industrial base support a Western Pacific scenario?Ho...
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U.S.-China Collaboration on HIV/AIDS

U.S.-China Collaboration on HIV/AIDS-问军
As intense geostrategic rivalry becomes an enduring feature of the U.S.-China relationship, CSIS and the Brookings Institution have launched a joint project, Advancing Collaboratio...
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U.S. Military Theories of Victory for a War with the People’s Republic of China

U.S. Military Theories of Victory for a War with the People's Republic of China-问军
A military conflict between the United States and the People's Republic of China (PRC) would entail escalation risks that the United States has not seriously considered since the C...
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The Era of Coast Guards

The Era of Coast Guards-问军
The United States' use of instruments of national power is often constrained by a focus on diplomatic, informational, military, and economic approaches, with a strong emphasis on t...
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The End of China’s Period of Strategic Opportunity

The End of China's Period of Strategic Opportunity-问军
In the early 2000s, Chinese leaders foresaw a period of strategic opportunity that they believed would enable the country's rapid development. By the 2010s, however, the benign int...
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PLA Social Media Warfare and the Cognitive Domain

PLA Social Media Warfare and the Cognitive Domain-问军
The People's Liberation Army (PLA) has come to recognize the important role of social media in modern conflict and peacetime operations. As such, PLA researchers have begun using t...
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Powering the PLA Abroad

Powering the PLA Abroad-问军
The establishment of China's first official overseas military base in Djibouti in 2017 set the precedent for People's Liberation Army (PLA) units to be permanently stationed abroad...
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The Evolution of the Post-Quantum Cyber Environment

The Evolution of the Post-Quantum Cyber Environment-问军
Quantum computers are expected to one day be capable of breaking public key cryptography, enabling a step change in cyberwarfare capabilities. Risk can be mitigated using new quant...
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China’s AI Exports Database (CAIED)

China's AI Exports Database (CAIED)-问军
With average annual commitments reaching $85 billion in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) era, China has been one of the world's largest providers of development financing. Funded...
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China’s AI Exports

China's AI Exports-问军
Research Questions How have AI exports financed by the Chinese government changed between 2000 and 2017 (the latest year for which data were available)?What factors make China's AI...
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